User Interface/User eXperience


A product is only ever as good as its user experience.

Creating great user experiences is all about telling a story and bringing things to life. Building a detailed narrative around your user helps you to walk in their shoes and understand where they’re coming from.

As day-to-day routine we do conversion of user stories into user flows, conversion of wireframes into detailed mockups, bringing mockups into life through interactive prototypes and animated videos, work closely with in-house developers to assure best product quality and assist in graphics performance optimization.

We deliver full specification covering all design assets and development instructions based on platform and development framework. We have experience with multiple platforms (Web, Windows, Android, iOS, WebOS and Tizen) and their respective design guidelines.

UI/UX team has produced multiple innovative UI solutions, including designs for Android TV Operator Tier Launcher and Hybrid Set-top boxes, Smart home applications for all screens, IoT web applications and web presentations as well as VR and AR solutions.

We also develop HMI solutions that shorten driver response time, improve human-vehicle interaction, and deliver user experience augmented with mobile features drivers are already familiar with.


Platforms and frameworks

Examples of our work


Live TV app for Google TV.

Key points:

  • Fully integrated into Google TV – a new way of streaming
  • Seamless UX transition between Google TV launcher and Live TV application
  • Unified channel list solution for multiple tuners

Read more in case study.


Driver-centered HMI solution, internal project.

Key points:

  • Multi-display solution.
  • Jog shuttle, gaze detection, voice control as part of optimized user experience.
  • Minimize driver disturbance while driving with touch gestures and haptic touch.

Read more in case study.


Slate – an online management tool for deterministic TSN networks.

Key points:

  • Drag and drop modeling of topologies, schedules, and configurations for TSN networks.
  • Easy configuring TSN networks of up to 20 devices.
  • Web based standalone software for both Windows and Linux.

Read more in case study.

PM 300

UI/UX for OBLO Living.

Key points:

  • Vue based both user and admin portal – accounts and IoT hubs management
  • Dashboard with most used widgets and most advanced rules creation mechanism
  • Control and monitoring on zone level
  • Design of white label application (Android and iOS

Read more about design of while label application in case study.

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