Video & Multimedia

We are engineering entertainment solutions that millions of people
worldwide love and enjoy.

Digital television is one of the founding core domains of our company
and has never been so exciting and dynamic as it is today.

Be it traditional broadcasting technologies, new wave streaming technology or a combination of both, we have developed and deployed such solutions all over the world. Video technology has been evolving fast in the past 15 years, mandating agility and a steep learning curve to keep up. We have worked with leading telcos and pay TV operators to deploy market leading products, never compromising on quality and time-to-market.

We engineer multiplatform solutions that bring Live TV (broadcast or IPTV), VoD, DVR, Catch-up, etc, enabled on any device (TV, STB, handheld, IVI, etc), on any platform (RTOS, Linux, Android, iOS). Scaling solutions in such a way enables fast development cycles, with new features and added value services being launched on a regular basis.

We are mastering the integration and certification processes of state-of-the-art content security solutions (CAS and DRM) which enable up to 8K video playback delivery in a secure and reliable way. Working with low level multimedia SDKs of all major SoC vendors in the industry gives us unique position to quickly triage and help solve potential issues.

Broad industry partnerships: SoCs / OEMs / Tech

Examples of our work


Broadcast TV solution for 2 major Garman OEMs

  • Integrated iWedia broadcast stack (DVB-T/T2, ISDB-T/Tb) and CI+ stack
  • Implemented automotive features such as diversity, MRC, seamless handover, continuous channel scan, etc
  • Integration of 3rd party software components
  • Testing, validation, documentation

Project done according to ASPICE processes, full traceability of requirements and test cases
Maintenance and life cycle management of the Automotive TV solution


Consulting NEST team in HDMI driver implementation
Contributing to AndroidTV’s Common Broadcast Stack

  • Issues triage and fixing
  • Country specific DVB features implementation
  • Interactive features development
  • Tests development and updates
  • Porting of Google’s ATSC-1.0 stack to the TunerFramework API
  • Participating in roadmap discussions


Software solutions for STB and TV devices
Complete product portfolio development and life cycle management
Tier-1 and Tier-2 telco and payTV operator projects execution worldwide

  • Turnkey solutions delivery
  • More than 45 million devices deployed globally
  • Running 15-20 customer projects in parallel

Android system integration expertise and Android OS customizations
Testing and QA

Read more in NSDC iWedia.


Extending Wyplay’s product R&D and customer project teams
Significant contributions to Frog by Wyplay middleware solution
Predominantly responsible for Linux based solutions and system integration

  • Low level programming, drivers integration (WiFi, Bluetooth, etc)
  • Fine-tuning Frog middleware for operator deployment
  • Issues triage and fixing field issues within challenging time constraints

Successfully delivered the Canal+ Le Cube S STB project