2011 – A year of profiling

2011 – A year of profiling

At the event marking the 20th anniversary company leaders expressed their satisfaction with the achievements of RT-RK in the past year. The company has become recognized in the consumer electronics market as an innovative company offering solutions for modern TV receivers (Connected TV) serving IC vendors, TV/STB manufacturers, and DTV SW developers.

IWedia, formed jointly with SmarDTV, has become a new subsidiary and the youngest member of the RT-RK family complementing the company’s broadband IP with broadcast stack for the joint onset on the Connected TV market. Having established the new company, RT-RK becomes its engineering stronghold and a synonym for iWedia’s Android4tv application for DTV.

It was further emphasized that the RT-RK’s IPs DLNA and HbbTV software stacks got proved on the market in Toshiba and Metz products.


Reflecting on the past year, it was said that the engineering team has grown from 250 to 325 with a factor of employment of 90%. The company has invested in staff training and held 5 courses with 195 participants, opened a branch in Belgrade with 27 engineers working on projects with teams in Novi Sad. The company has participated in several scientific research projects in cooperation with the amenable Ministry of the Republic of Serbia and regional authorities, and recorded total revenue growth of 20% by the end of 2011.

Experience with the three products, iWedia’s Android4TV, BBT, and OBLO strengthened the company’s strategy to continue activities in the area of services with the addition of orthogonal activities based on knowledge gained in the field of the aforementioned.

Particularly prominent has been spreading of RT-RK’s customer base across the globe making the company more resistant to instability in the global market.

Wrapping up a successful business year RT-RK awarded its best engineers and announced new customers and big ventures starting from CES 2012 in Las Vegas.

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