The values and culture of the RT-RK community date back to more than 30 years ago when a few professors, passionate about embedded systems, started to develop their idea. Since then, the values and culture have been enriched and refined thanks to many amazing people who have been sharing their professional journey with us.

Besides them, the experience and knowledge obtained from the tight bond RT-RK has always had with the Faculty of Technical Sciences of the University of Novi Sad, contributed greatly to our professional development.

The original idea from 30 years ago lives on even today and is widespread in several countries, fostering a combination of tradition, knowledge, and experience with the zest and enthusiasm that have always graced our community.

We attribute all our professional successes to the fact that people in RT-RK are team players, who grow and develop together, sharing their knowledge and experience at the same time. Together we create a space for all of us where it is possible to balance all segments of life that we live.

Here at RT-RK, we unite software and hardware, business and private, challenge and security, work and socializing, travel, sports, stability and much more. These values have been recognized by more than 1000 people in our tight-knit community.