A gentleman never talks about his tailor

High level Android tailoring and framework customization, Reliance Jio

A gentleman never talks about his tailor

High level Android tailoring and framework customization, Reliance Jio

Big tech companies like Google, Amazon, and Apple work towards creating ecosystems around their brands. The purpose of the ecosystem is to frame consumer choice and habitual purchase behavior by dominating the entire path to purchase, from awareness (upper funnel) to decision (lower funnel). Consumers’ choice of content providers, products, financial and telecom services, etc. is shaped and bound by their compatibility with these ecosystems.

The ecosystem strategy asks for huge markets, and while the abovementioned players are global, a few markets such as India and China enable growth of localized ecosystems. One of the major ecosystem players in India is Jio, with whom we cooperate in multiple domains, most importantly on the development of JioOS, an AOSP based platform at the heart of the Jio ecosystem.

JioOS is deployed on all Jio STB (Set-Top box) and TV platforms. We are following design patterns which are allowing us to efficiently port JioOS solution to new SoC and Android versions.

High level of framework customization and extensions

  • JioOS Framework – customizing already existing framework components: settings, Bluetooth, notifications, upgrade, Wi-Fi, audio, recovery, RCU, LMK, power, LAN, HDMI
  • JioOS SDK – extending functionalities which are not part of AOSP
  • JioOS Player and Middleware – a component providing DVB and OTT functionalities with playback, PVR, timeshift, EPG support
  • JioOS Internal Services – system services for communication with the backend system, controlling device, RCU, diagnostics, update
  • JioOS Applications – a bundle of 240 TV applications which are pre-installed or updated over JioStore

Integration with Jio Platforms ecosystem

Part of the Jio Platform ecosystem are extended features provided by the JioOS as our solution.
These features include analytics, diagnostics, remote access, and software management module, provided by TR069 in communication with ACS Server. Additional live diagnostics are provided by Data Collector in communication with Jio JBDL Server.
We distinguish separate flavors for different target markets: hybrid, OTT, hotels, B2B platform, and TV.
Our solution provides support for peripheral devices such as POD speaker, JioGamePad and headset profile, customized System UI (volume bar, default toasts and popups, etc.), recovery console, bootup and bootdown animations, hotspot support.
We are also handling the SELinux policies and Google security patch update every half a year.

Code unification for multi-SoC, multi-OEM environment

RT-RK contributes to JioOS development and maintenance across multiple SoCs and OEMs on STB and TV projects. We are handling the release process with our own QA verification support including a triage of issues related to different core components such as audio, video, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, HDMI, etc.
We are supplying a unified API, which means that the platform specifications are encapsulated in the JioOS API.
The efficient JioOS porting goes hand in hand with guiding the vendors in provisioning platform dependent functionalities.

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