After strategic contract with TTTech RT-RK appoints Nikola Teslic the Chief Executive Officer

After strategic contract with TTTech RT-RK appoints Nikola Teslic the Chief Executive Officer

Novi Sad, Serbia – May 8, 2015 – RT-RK appoints Nikola Teslic, years-long CTO, new CEO of RT-RK. For decades of work, dedication, and life-long credit for company’s successful operations, RT-RK appoints former CEO Vladimir Kovacevic, Advisor to the Board.

One of the founders and perennial CTO of RT-RK, Nikola Teslic has been the driving wheel of numerous major projects over the past 20 years with a growing team that nowadays counts 500 engineers. His expertise covers design of complex digital systems in the areas of television, telecommunications, and embedded systems’ software and hardware development.
Since 2009 he has been a pioneer of introduction of the Android operating system in digital TV receivers, the technology codenamed ANDROID4TV, foundation of modern Set-Top Box devices such as Swisscom TV 2.0 of the Swiss operator, and Bbox Miami of the French Bouygues Telecom. Under the technical leadership of Nikola Teslic RT-RK has become one of the leading IT engineering companies for real-time embedded systems in Central and Eastern Europe serving customers in Silicon Valley and EMEA. The apparent entry into the automotive software industry is a sign of up-skilled professional level of service provision, and the management’s intention to streamline company’s business in both consumer and automotive branches.

Nikola Teslic

“The intention of TTTech’s investment is growth and strengthening RT-RK as a software service company, with clear expectations for both branches of service – automotive and consumer – to coexist, advance, and complement each other. It is a clear objective that by the end of 2018, RT-RK employs 1,000 engineers at the headquarter in Novi Sad and departments in Belgrade, Banja Luka and Osijek. TTTech is also committed to directly or indirectly provide contracts which will ensure our future as a service provider,” said Nikola Teslic commenting on the TTTech’s investment. “Our system, business management, the focus of interest remains unchanged, as we continue the path grounded under the leadership of our valued mentor, professor Kovacevic, whose influence and guidance stays immeasurable,” he added.


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