Black Box Testing revealed – Utilize the framework and get your automatic Set-Top Box tests started

Black Box Testing revealed – Utilize the framework and get your automatic Set-Top Box tests started

Novi Sad, Serbia – January 9, 2015 At CES 2015 RT-RK, a market leading hardware and software design house focused on consumer electronics, communications and multimedia, announces exposure of its Black Box Testing (BBT) platform, a common framework for cable, satellite, terrestrial, and IPTV Set-Top Box testing.

To each party of the product validation chain: IC vendors, software module vendors and system integrators, OEMs/ODMs, telecom operators, and diagnostic and repair facilities RT-RK offers a scalable, open, expandable, rich platform of Python scripting language to set-up and uninterruptedly continue execution of functional, stress, performance, or precertification test suites, locally, or geographically distributed in an end-to-end test management system.


Through the facilities such as: support for Python scripting language, test creation from Graphical User Interface, transfer of prepared tests onto another platform, customizable test reporting, web-based tool to support requirement and test manipulation through the complete lifecycle of the project – the developer is in hand of powerful OCR, video/audio artifact detection, menu navigation/tuning/video (HDMI, CVBS, YPbPr)/audio (analog, digital)/AV decoding/media browser functionality/performance (zapping, boot time) errors detection, and Picture Quality Measurement – a no-reference real-time processing system for video quality assessment. Having past the start-up procedure the developer can build his own tests of: checking the value and name of UI items, EPG content and navigation speed, perform automatic digital DVBT installation for a specific country with specific settings, installation time check, check order and name of installed channels, parsing of device’s shell output (URTlogging), play all YCbCr/CVBS/HDMI formats and check if correct video is displayed in correct format (picture size 4:3, 16:9, etc.), play any content from USB and check if playable content is playing, check if non-supported content is displayed with a correct on screen message, check zap speed, navigate and play DLNA content, and other functional tests.

Aside from offering software and hardware platforms, test suites, services of automatic and manual testing, and consulting services, we have decided to expose the BBT test platform and let developers use our framework – software for test management and execution on stand-alone test stations, software for a distributed system with one central common point of management and analysis, 3rd party devices’ drivers we have already integrated into BBT, here I refer mainly to signal generators they might already have in-house, mechanisms for controlling of the device under test, etc.,” said Vukota Pekovic CMO RT-RK. “The market might be flooded with STB test frameworks, nonetheless, here’s one mature and field proven, extendable, affording an abundant supply, with strong product roadmap.

To get familiar with the BBT Set-Top Box testing view the introduction video.
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