Embedded Linux Summer School 2023 Recap

Embedded Linux Summer School 2023 Recap

The curtains have closed on this year’s RT-RK’s summer school, and what an incredible journey it has been!

Let’s take a moment to rewind and unfold the entire experience.

Hosted by our company, the Embedded Linux Summer School was a dynamic and enlightening event that spanned from July 17th to August 11th, 2023.

The aim of this endeavor was to equip students from various technical backgrounds with a strong understanding of Embedded Linux systems.

Over three weeks, participants thoroughly explored the C programming language and how Linux operates.

They actively engaged with the Raspberry Pi platform, examining the detailed aspects of Linux’s architecture. They took a deep look into how Linux is tailored for specific systems, granting them the autonomy to modify and manage it independently.

Working together on open-source projects, they refined their expertise in the C language, connecting code with hardware and excelling in programming for specialized systems.

Here’s a glimpse into participants’ thoughts. Their reflections echoed the program’s effectiveness in skill development and meaningful experiential learning:

“I am content with the internship. It significantly aided in enhancing my knowledge in areas crucial for my future. It also allowed me to compare my current knowledge with peers from diverse fields.”

“I consider the internship a fantastic opportunity for students to learn many new concepts. I would have appreciated an element where we worked in the company to gain a practical sense of being part of a collective.”

“Thoughtfully designed programs. The two parts (C and embedded) seamlessly complement each other.”

“An excellent experience. Thanks to RT-RK for this learning opportunity.”

“Content and instructors met my expectations. Knowledge was effectively conveyed, and I anticipate its value in the future.”

“In summary, it was fantastic – a productive month spent gaining new knowledge and honing existing skills.”

“Participating in the summer school was an exceptional experience. I acquired valuable knowledge and skills that significantly enriched both my professional and personal growth. Mentors were approachable and always willing to help.”

“Instructors were clearly well-versed in their subjects and effectively communicated their thoughts during classes.”

We look forward to welcoming everyone again next year for another round of exploration and learning.

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