Fetching big data

Gateway for industrial applications, development and industrialization

Fetching big data

Gateway for industrial applications, development and industrialization

The customer Endress+Hauser (Endress and Hauser) is a Swiss-based globally operating process and laboratory instrumentation and automation supplier. The family company achieved multibillion net sales and total workforce of more than 15,000 people.

They manufacture electronic instruments for process automation including level, flow, pressure and temperature measurement; instruments for liquid, solids and gas analysis; data acquisition and system integration. Under the Analytik Jena brand, the group markets analytical instruments and bioanalytical systems for laboratories.

Commercial customers mainly operate in the food and beverage, chemical, life sciences, oil and gas, water and wastewater, power and energy and primaries and metals industries. In the laboratory business the group also serves customers from healthcare and academia.

Being focused on such demanding market induces the continuous product portfolio upgrade and development as every-day praxis. Following the progress in other technical disciplines, new features, have been added to the sensors and instrumentation equipment, such as configuration via the mobile phone app, “easy to access, install and operate” features, and devices connectivity bringing it to IoT world.

Having billions of the sensors and devices installed worldwide, fetching the data, organize them, and providing that data and services based on that, open huge new market and business opportunity.

Missing puzzle for the idea was field edge device, Bluetooth gateway that would provide reliable transmission of measured values via encrypted Bluetooth communication, transmission of the measurement and status information of the connected instruments, easy installation and commissioning multiple Endress+Hauser Bluetooth devices.

In addition, part of business strategy was not to require integration into customer automation system necessary, provide complete freedom to develop customers own solutions and applications in conjunction with a Netilion Connect cloud subscription and use of the Netilion software interface (Application Program Interface (API)).

Solution provided is depicted below:

Very specific to the project was the assumed usage in extremely harsh environments, and thus the strict and demanding company standards regarding the appearance, reliability and manufacturing quality. Project included mechanical design and development of the plastic enclosure extra hardened and inline with the predefined shapes, aspects and colors , development molding tools so the enclosures can be produced, product qualification in accordance with the industrial and company’s internal standards and rules, as well as the certification for number of markets world wide.

In addition to that, small scale production services for the product ramp-up and introduction phase to the market was provided to this customer, by integration of our components, production and EMS services.


Project outputs provided industrial grade, robust and long-term reliable device, submersible, explosive area usage, with worldwide coverage, approvals and certificates, as well as conformity to strict and demanding customers design, appearance and quality standards.

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