Python programming Summer School 2023 Recap

Python programming Summer School 2023 Recap

We are proud that we can congratulate 21 students on completing this year’s Summer School.

Students had the opportunity to learn about basics of Python programming and cover following topics:

  • Data types, syntax, object handling, types and memory
  • Structure and flow control
  • Functions, procedural programming
  • Classes and objects, object-oriented programming, inheritance, polymorphisms
  • UML basics
  • Code distribution, modules, packages
  • Development tools
  • Usage of Python in testing

Over the course of two weeks, attendees worked every day with instructors on mastering these concepts.

Here’s what they had to say about the School:

“This summer school meant a lot to me in expanding my Python knowledge, it was very useful. I hope we’ll meet again in the future.”

“Overall, I am very satisfied with the experience and knowledge gained in this summer school.”

“I am very satisfied with the summer school, it gave me the opportunity to deepen my knowledge of Python and get to know some new things. Now it’s up to me to use it.”

On the last day, students received diplomas and had the opportunity to talk to our engineers about their day-to-day tasks and learn more about working at RT-RK.

We hope we see some of the attendees on our scholarship program and continue their professional journey together.

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