RT-RK developed a Serbian Test Suite for STB testing

RT-RK developed a Serbian Test Suite for STB testing

Within the Serbian project for video digitalization, Ministry of Culture, Media and Information Society has developed:

  • Specification concerning minimum technical requirements that devices for reception of digital terrestrial television signal need to fulfill, and
  • Procedure for testing and verification of the devices (Set-Top Boxes and digital TV receivers).

The specification developed by the Ministry is intended for receiver manufacturers, as well as all organizations and individuals engaged in digital receiver’s sales, creation of project documentation related to digital broadcasting in the Republic of Serbia, and examination of the receivers and the systems for their labeling.

RT-RK, a leading provider of embedded system design and system software development in the field of consumer electronics has a full set of Test Cases prepared for STB testing for Serbian market. We are offering you the opportunity to perform the testing of your STB devices on our premises, according to the standards and specifications given by the Ministry of Culture, Media and Information Society.

RT-RK’s testing solutions have been developed since 1995 and used to test software of today’s biggest iDTV manufacturers, including Samsung, LG, JVC and Panasonic. They have been sold in more than twenty locations worldwide, and used by IC vendors like Zoran, SmarDTV, Cirrus Logic, Marvel, ST, Micronas and Trident, as well as OEMs like Vestel, Loewe, Philips, General Satelite and Kethrein.

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RT-RK’s Serbian Test Suite consists of 51 test cases, with following major targets/test groups: GUI (Menus, OSD, EPG, language translations), RC keys, Interfaces (HDMI, SCART, USB, etc.), Video standards (MPEG2/MPEG4, SD/HD), Audio (MPEG layer 2, E-AC3, AC3, HE AAC, AAC, etc.), Tuning/Scanning (frequencies, changes in modulation parameters, transmitting parameters, etc.), TXT, subtitle, Performance (program management, aspect ratio, program navigation, etc.) and LAN (LAN status, media server) and is intended for functionality testing of STB devices for Serbian market.

This is a comprehensive test suite which covers all features and it is suitable for different STB devices. Test cases inside this Test Suite are easily adjustable for different models of a Device Under Test (DUT) and full test reports are available. One of many benefits of RT-RK’s Serbian Test Suite is reduced need for tester engagement and significantly faster Test execution compared to manual testing. After testing you get more reliable and concurrent products.

Typical environment for functional testing of Set Top Box devices contains following components:

  • Transport stream player – DekTec card
  • Grabber device – RT-AV100
  • Power switch control unit
  • Device Under Test (DUT) controllers – UART and Remote Control (RC) emulator

The introduction of digital television enables better sound and picture quality, greater choice of content, as well as larger number of terrestrial television channels (compared to analog) in standard (SD) and high (HD) resolution. The introduction of digital television provides all users easy access to audiovisual media content, especially bearing in mind the needs of older people and people with disabilities. This means that sign language, subtitling, audio description and simple menu navigation will be included in the audiovisual services. Digital television will also enable additional applications such as translation and subtitling of the audio-video content which is displayed simultaneously with the picture.

The Republic of Serbia has chosen DVB-T2 standard for digital TV terrestrial broadcast and MPEG-4 version 10 (H.264 AVC) standard for video compression. Citizens that receive TV programs via terrestrial (with antenna), must have either a digital TV, which supports DVB-T2/MPEG-4 adopted standards, or a special device set-top box (STB), which converts the selected digital standard to suitable form of signal that can be applied to old TV sets (analog or digital).

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