Scholarship and Internship at RT-RK

Engineering dreams into reality

Scholarship and Internship at RT-RK

Engineering dreams into reality

As the 2023 summer internship at RT-RK reaches its full swing and enters its third week, it has sparked our enthusiasm to share more about RT-RK scholarship and internship opportunities available to final year students.

Here in RT-RK, we recognize the importance of support future engineers need at the beginning of their professional journey, so we created comprehensive program of scholarships and internships, designed to provide hands-on learning, mentorship, and valuable practical knowledge. Our aim is to pave the way for their successful career journey and turn their aspirations into reality through real-world experience.

What makes our program special is the thoughtful selection of attractive and contemporary topics for BSc and MSc theses. Our teams of engineers carefully craft these topics, considering both the current needs of the industry and the interests of the students.

While the BSc/MSc thesis topics are serious tasks from the industry, we ensure that their complexity is adjusted to the students’ level of knowledge and interests. Each thesis is meticulously designed and prepared down to the smallest detail, guaranteeing a well-structured process.

Before the students embark on their BSc or MSc thesis, our engineers (also known as technical mentors) create a comprehensive handbook that guides the students through each phase of the process, step by step.

We provide all the necessary equipment (hardware and software) as well as relevant reading materials to support the students in successfully completing their thesis.

Apart from that, our program stands out for several reasons, making it highly beneficial for young individuals eager to learn, enhance their skills, and smoothly transition from student to engineer:

Expert Mentors

Our mentors have a strong connection to both academia and industry. Their wealth of experience and knowledge sets our internship program apart. They are highly motivated to pass on their expertise and skills to our interns, encouraging them to strive for independent achievement and results.

Rich Tradition

With a 30-year-long tradition, our company provides a stable, nurturing, yet versatile and challenging environment for career development. We excel in diverse areas such as IoT, Automotive, Digital TV, Audio systems, and many more. The opportunity to work with renowned clients and on exciting projects is attractive to young talents who thrive in our highly driven, close-knit, and fun teams.

Support and Guidance

We understand the importance of support during the thesis writing period. Alongside technical and academic mentors who guide and monitor the entire process, we have a dedicated Student Coordinator. Their role is to ensure that all needs and requirements are met on time and that all participants in the program make the most of their experience.

If you’re ready to unlock your potential, you are welcome to join RT-RK on an exciting journey of growth and opportunity.

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