Student scholarship program

The RT-RK Institute awards 100 scholarships to the students of Computing and control engineering as well as Software engineering and information technologies who choose sub-department Computer Engineering and Computer Communications.

Requirements for achieving the scholarship:

  • You are a second-year student of either Computing and control engineering or Software engineering and information technologies
  • You don’t receive a scholarship from any other company

As a scholarship holder of RT-RK Institute, you must:

  • Regularly enroll every following year of studies with no more than two exams from the previous years.
  • Choose subjects and modules at the sub-department of Computer Engineering and Computer Communications in the 3rd and 4th year of basic academic studies
  • Not receive a scholarship from another company
  • Participate in the professional programs of the Institute for up to 10 hours per month

Some of the benefits of RT-RK scholarships programe:

  • Monthly scholarship of 50 Eur.
  • Chance to participate in professional programs and research activities of the Institute
  • The scholarship holders are not obliged to compensate the money or work for the Institute upon the graduation if all the contract requirements have been met
  • The scholarship ends after the 7th semester

If you need more information about the scholarship programes or would like to apply please send your email at