Summer internship 2021

Summer internship 2021

Summer internship took place from 19th July – 13th August 2021.

Content of the course:

  • Basics of system administration
  • The process of debugging a remote embedded Linux system
  • Choosing the right components for customizing a dedicated Linux system
  • Bringing a real Linux-based embedded system to life
  • Writing your own handlers (drivers) for the Linux kernel
  • Downloading the Linux source code, its compile and run
  • Concurrent programming using POSIX threads
  • Characteristic extensions of the C standard
  • Concept and role of calling convention
  • Portability aspects of C code to other platforms (type sizes, alignment, etc.)
  • What the keywords mean and how they are used: static, volatile , const, extern, auto, etc.
  • Peculiarities of C programming for dedicated (embedded) systems

In all our tries to keep the internship on the company premises, due to the Covid rules and our wish to keep all the participants safe, at one point we had to transfer the internship into the on-line form. Despite the challenges, impressions after the summer internship were very positive. These are some of the students’ comments:

“Svaka cast za pripremljeno gradivo i nacin prenosenja istog.”

“Predavači su se trudili da nam maksimalno približe tematiku.”

“Tokom učenja naprednog C programiranja, sam najviše naučila, ovo je bila baš dobra nadogradnja na već postojeće neko sitno predznanje.”

“Stekao sam znanje i koje nisam “očekivao” da ću steći, tako da sam proširio vidike što se tiče nekih oblasti.”

We thank all the participants who joined us this year and looking forward to see you in the company working on our projects! We believe that knowledge gained trough this internship is the basic knowledge for majority of work we do.

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