Student scholarship and internship programs

Depending on your year of study, your majors, and the department of the Faculty of Technical Sciences you attend, the company RT-RK offers various scholarship and internship programs.

For students attending the Department of Computer Science and Automation, we offer a scholarship program starting from the 2nd year of study. More information about the benefits of this scholarship program and the requirements to achieve it can be found at Student scholarship program.

If you are a final-year student in one of the above courses:

  1. Computing and control engineering (sub-department: Computer Engineering and Computer Communications, Computer Control Systems, Applied Computer Science and Informatics
  2. Software engineering and information technologies
  3. Information and Communication Technologies and Signal Processing
  4. Microcomputer electronics
  5. Mechatronics

In RT-RK we also have the internship program for graduate students, which supports and navigates students through the writing of their BSc and MSc thesis.

You can find more information about this program at Graduate students internship.